Meet Our Alpacas

La’a was born on June 29, 2010, she is the nervous Nelly. She is also the most generous of the ladies (she says it’s just baby fat). Although she is sometimes hesitant, she is the first one at the feed bowl!

Ele’ele was born on July 9, 2013, she is the alpha female. She is the first to greet me and the most curious about what is happening. She will eat out of my hands, and likes to try to escape out the gate at any chance—yes it has happened twice!

Last but not least is Kula, born on July 3 2006. She would like me to mention that she is an award winner for her amazing fiber (fleece). She is the first one to sound out a high pitched cry that lets those around know that something is amiss. She likes to play it cool and does not always follow the others. Independently curious!


“Wolfie” Our Canadian Shephard is a rescue dog from Las Vegas Nevada. He turned 2 on June 4, 2020. He loves all people young and old, and especially loves to play with other dogs. His favorite toy to play with is his stuffed alpaca.

Angora Bunnies

We welcome the latest addition to our ever growing ohana! Snow White, Belle, and Alice are the softest bunnies in all the land. They are consciously harvested for their fur and it creates a wonderful blend with the Alpaca wool.

The 3 alpacas are La'a (left), Kula (center) and Ele'ele (right).

The 3 alpacas are La’a (left), Kula (center) and Ele’ele (right).

Angora Bunnies 

Alpaca Fiber in our Store